Tournament begins with preliminary round matches and then continue to play-offs.

CATEGORIES 18.-19.5.2019


E07-boys Elite
E07-boys Upper and Lower Challenge
E08-boys Elite
E08-boys Upper and Lower Challenge
F09-boys Elite & Challenge (5v5)
F10-boys Elite & Challenge (4v4)
G11-boys Elite & Challenge (4v4)


E-girls (08-09) (4v4)
F-girls (10-11) (4v4)

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CATEGORIES 25.-26.5.2019


A-boys (98-00)
B-boys (01-02) Elite & Challenge
C03-boys Elite & Challenge
C04-boys Elite & Challenge
D05-boys Elite
D05-boys Upper and Lower Challenge
D06-boys Elite
D06-boys Upper and Lower Challenge


A-girls (99-01)
B-girls (02-03) Elite & Challenge
C-girls (04-05) Elite & Challenge
D-girls (06-07) Elite & Challenge

If there is less than 6 teams registered to the category, Tournament organizer has the right to put two categories together.