Helsinki Junior Challenge is the most international junior floorball tournament in Finland!



We have international teams playing in 16 different categories!

Registration for the biggest and most international junior floorball tournament in Finland has now ended happily. In May, 278 junior teams from Finland, Sweden and Russia will be playing in Helsinki.

There are teams from Sweden and Russia in up to 16 different categories from the oldest boys to the youngest girls which will guarantee a great international feeling also in this year’s Helsinki Junior Challenge.


Participating teams in A-D juniors:

Participating teams in E-G juniors:

Welcome to Helsinki!

3/15/19Over 100 registered teams!
3/13/19Team story: Ekerö IK - "1 team, 1 group, 1 goal, 1 future"
2/27/19Team story: Kalastajat - "We had an idea of going to win something else than Fortnite-matches"
2/20/19Team story: Merikoski SBT 06 Tribes - "Catch us if you can!"
2/12/19Team story: Täby FC F06 Gribby - "Positive floorball"
2/5/19Tell your story!
2/1/19Winner has been drawn from the pre-registration lottery!
1/28/19Accommodations are going fast!
1/22/19Swedes are taking over Helsinki - already 13 teams from Sweden
12/20/18Helsinki Junior Challenge 2019 Early Bird offer - win a prize worth over 500 euros!

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