Winner has been drawn from the pre-registration lottery!



Every pre-registered team will get to enjoy free bowling

Pre-registration for the Helsinki Junior Challenge 2019 tournament ended as January turned into February. Registration heated up during the last days and right now we have 72 amazing teams coming to Helsinki. We are really happy about the fact that we have already at this point 18 teams coming from outside of Finland; 17 teams from Sweden and 1 team from Russia, welcome to Helsinki!

Every pre-registered team will get to enjoy free bowling in Arena Center Myllypuro during the tournament (or during summer 2019). In addition to that, every team had a chance to win a prize worth over 500 euros (free tournament fee and two meals in the Arena Center venue). Check out the winner from the video below.

Main prize winner is Strängnäs IBK from Sweden! They are participating to Boys 03 Challenge -category. Congratulations to the winner!

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