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Once again, we are publishing short stories about the participating teams at the Junior Challenge website! We would like you to answer couple of questions, so we could publish a story about your team. This is completely voluntary.

If you want to add a picture to the story, please send it to us with the team name by e-mail:

Fill a form >> HERE!

5/28/19Thank you! Will we see you again?
5/27/19Helsinki Junior Challenge 2019 highlights
5/27/19Champions of the second weekend!
5/27/19Fat Pipe Fair Play prize winners
5/20/19Champions of the first weekend!
5/17/19First weekend of Helsinki Junior Challenge 2019 starts tomorrow!
5/16/19Tournament photos and videos will be posted to social media
5/15/19Fat Pipe Fair Play -players and prizes!
5/13/19Team story: Smedjebackens IBK - "Our main goal is to have a super fun end to the season!"
5/9/19Match schedule for second weekend is ready!

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