Team story: Täby FC F06 Gribby - "Positive floorball"



First team to tell their story is coming from Sweden!

Your team's name:
Täby FC F06 Gribby

Tournament category:
Girls D (06-07) Challenge

Tell us a bit about your players and officials:
We´re a team from Stockholm that likes to play a positive floorball with a lot of high speed running and accurate passing. We are 26 players born 06 and 07 coming to the tournament with 2 teams.

Do you have any social media channels to follow?

How did you succeed in this season 2018-19?
We have developed our game and become better at shooting and defending. We have also become much stronger and we train extra outdoors even when it is -15 degrees and snowy.

What are your aims and main goals for end of the season?
We come to play good floorball and finish the season with a really good performance. Hopefully both of our teams do well in the playoffs.

Why did you choose to participate in Helsinki Junior Challenge 2019?
We came last year and had a really good time. Even if the Finnish teams we met were very strong and fast.

What kind of greetings would you like to send to other participating teams?
Good luck!

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