Team story: Merikoski SBT 06 Tribes - "Catch us if you can!"



Second team story is coming from the north!

Your team's name:
Merikoski SBT 06 Tribes

Tournament category:
Boys D06 Elite (Sininen) and Lower Challenge (Keltainen) 

Tell us a bit about your players and officials:
Merikoski’s 12 year olds are brave young boys from Oulu. Most of the team has played floorball a long time in the biggest floorball club of Northern Finland – Merikoski SBT. Coaches have perfected the skills of players and team tactics for a half decade now.

Do you have any social media channels to follow?

How did you succeed in this season 2018-19?
We have played a lot of matches. Tribes have played in two different regional league and in addition to that, local leagues Oxdog-liiga and Leijonaliiga have given more matches for the team. We have scored plenty of goals and defended strongly. 

What are your aims and main goals for end of the season?
Older Merikoski SBT juniors (2003-2004) have succeeded well in Helsinki Junior Challenge. When team from the north travels to the big church, we will put 100% and even bigger effort in every match. You won’t win the team from Oulu easily!

Why did you choose to participate in Helsinki Junior Challenge 2019?
Our goal is in U15 national championships in the near future. In HJC, we will get good ending to this season and we get to test our level for the future.

What kind of greetings would you like to send to other participating teams?
Catch us if you can! The tribe of young boys is ready to defend the honour and pride of north. 

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