Team story: Ekerö IK - "1 team, 1 group, 1 goal, 1 future"



Third team story comes from Ekerö, Sweden!

Your team's name:
Ekerö IK 

Tournament category:
Boys D06 Lower Challenge 

Tell us a bit about your players and officials:
We are a team that is located west of Stockholm and we live on an island called Ekerö. The team has players born 07-08. We play in different series in Stockholm and like cups where we get lots matches in a short time. 

Do you have any social media channels to follow?
No, we have our own website. 

How did you succeed in this season 2018-19?
We believe that we have managed to get the team more together. Regarding the matches we have both won and lost but the biggest win is that we are 1 team now and we are constantly developing as a floorball player. 

What are your aims and main goals for end of the season?
In the beginning of the season, our goal was to make two P-07 teams one. Already now we feel that we have achieved our goals.

Our motto:

1 team, 1 group, 1 goal, 1 future and

- Good friend
- Have fun
- Become a better floorball player
- Go on a lot of cups

Why did you choose to participate in Helsinki Junior Challenge 2019?
We have heard that the cup is well arranged and that is great for a good ending for the season.

And that it is exciting for the boys to play outside Sweden. If everything is as good as we have heard, we will return to Helsinki Junior Challenge.

What kind of greetings would you like to send to other participating teams?
We look forward to playing against you and we hope that you play by the rule book.

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