Team story: Smedjebackens IBK - "Our main goal is to have a super fun end to the season!"



Team story coming from Sweden again!

Your team's name:

Smedjebackens IBK F02/03

Tournament category:

Girls AB

Tell us a bit about your players and officials:

Our Team consists of mixed ages, ranging from born 2001-2006! But the core group has played together for 6 years now. Head Coach Gabriella Hult has played a few games for the Swedish National Team and our strategy is to play a fast floorball game.

Do you have any social media channels to follow?

Follow us on Instagram >> @Smedjebackens_IBK

How did you succeed in this season 2018-19?

Our series, Pantamera Flickor Röd Svår-Dalarna, has been extremely even, with teams taking points from each other! We are satisfied with our development this season, but would have liked some more points from tough and even matches.

What are your aims and main goals for end of the season?

Our main goal with our participation in the Helsinki Junior Challenge Cup is to have a super fun end to the season and to really get together as a TEAM!

Why did you choose to participate in Helsinki Junior Challenge 2019?

We have not entered a Cup of this size earlier and we wanted a challenge as well as an adventure!

What kind of greetings would you like to send to other participating teams?

Good luck and we hope we will make some new friends!

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