M-team D04-boys Elite: "A team full of friends"



M-team D04-boys Elite #shortstory

M-team 04 boys elite group is a young, excited bunch of players. The team chemistry is great and the whole group is ready to work together to reach their objective.

- The boys take a lot of responsibility of their own actions and we as coaches trust each and everyone of them. Both coaches and managers work closely together to help the development of individuals and the team as a collective. We are a team full of friends!

M-team Elite had a good season. The aim has been high for the team, but the main objective has been the individual development of the players.

- It's been a rewarding season. We put optimistic goals for the year, but the individual development of the boys has been most important. The D2 Elite series went as expected, the elite league brought the tough challenges we wanted. We didn't achieve the spot for the regional finals tournament this year but the development of game has been huge within the group. Most notably the conscistency of our game througout the season. We've had very few slips and the cold streaks have been very short.

The reigning Champion of Helsinki Junior Challenge

M-team won the Helsinki Junior Challenge Boys-04 Elite series last year. The boys are eager and well prepared for the culmination of the season this spring, ready to defend their Championship.

- We come to Helsinki Junior Challenge because we want to play tough, quality games. We've had great memories from the past tournaments and we hope to relive those memories. The reigning champion will put it all out there and play hard from the start.

Helsinki Junior Challenge wishes all participating teams good luck and a fun tournament weekend. Let's be proud of our great sport!

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