Fat Pipe Fair Play player of the game



Fat Pipe Fair Play player is chosen from both teams after every game

A Fat Pipe Fair Play player is chosen after each game from both teams in the boys 96-04 and girls 97-05 categories. These players work as examples for their teams both on and off the court, creating a good positive atmosphere.

There is a lottery for four amazing product prizes among all Fair Players. To partake the player needs to fill in the information needed on the Fair Play card and return it to the lottery box in the tournament info. The results of the lottery will be published after the tournament and the winners will be informed personally.

The coaches and managers choose their teams Fair Play player after each game

The coaches can claim the Fair Play card from the officials table before or after the start of the game. After the game the coach can announce their Fair Play player of the game.



  • A Floorball Stick of your choice
  • Shorts
  • Compression Shorts
  • Shirt
  • Sweatband
  • Beanie

2ND PRIZE (2 pcs)

  • Backpack

3RD PRIZE (1 pcs)

  • My Floorball Passer kit

For more information and complete list of prizes, visit here >>

3/15/19Over 100 registered teams!
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2/5/19Tell your story!
2/1/19Winner has been drawn from the pre-registration lottery!
1/28/19Accommodations are going fast!
1/22/19Swedes are taking over Helsinki - already 13 teams from Sweden
12/20/18Helsinki Junior Challenge 2019 Early Bird offer - win a prize worth over 500 euros!

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