5/29/17Helsinki Junior Challenge 2017 tournament photos
5/28/17Fat Pipe Fair Play prize winners
5/25/17Fat Pipe Fair Play player of the game
5/22/17Oxdog Fair Play prize winners
5/21/17Helsinki Junior Challenge teaser and highlight video
5/21/17Helsinki Junior Challenge tournament photos
5/18/17Oxdog Fair Play player of the game
5/6/17The official tournament schedule is published
5/4/17M-team D04-boys Elite: "A team full of friends"
4/28/17Totally renewed tournament meals now ready to order
4/27/17HIFK boys 08 excited to play in their first Helsinki Junior Challenge
4/25/17Registration has ended - the tournament schedule will be published next week
4/13/17285 teams and counting
4/7/17Registration time extended
3/28/17150 teams registered!
3/2/17100 teams registered!
2/14/17Participating teams! Tell us your latest news
2/1/17Pre-registration has ended - the amount of teams rising
1/25/17Helsinki Junior Challenge - an international tournament once again
12/2/16EARLY BIRD OFFER - Win a prize worth 500 euros
6/14/16Now it is time for feedback
5/29/16Paulig Cupsolo Fair Play prize winners are here
5/26/16A Paulig Cupsolo -player is chosen from both teams after each game in the A-C-junior categories
5/26/16On Saturday 28st of May teams have a chance to film and stream their games live on Myllypuro
5/22/16Xylimax Fair Play prize winners are here
5/22/16Helsinki Junior Challenge recap video
5/22/16Helsinki Junior Challenge tournament photos
5/21/16The Finals on Sunday with live commentary
5/21/16Everything is ready for Finland's most international floorball tournament ever
5/20/16Fanseat joins Helsinki Junior Challenge 2016
5/19/16Fazer Xylimax Fair Play player is chosen from both teams after every game
5/4/16The official tournament schedule is published
4/29/1640 teams from abroad - Finland's most international floorball tournament ever will be played in May!
4/21/16Farsta IBK 04: "Meetings in the sun - nice time together - great tournament"
4/12/16Short story to Junior Challenge website
4/6/16Over 200 teams have already registered to Finland's biggest Junior floorball tournament
2/5/16The lottery for the main prize among pre-registered teams is done
10/28/15Pre-registration in January - Win a prize worth 500 euros!
5/28/15HJC2015 is successfully finished!
5/24/15Fair Play prize winners are here!
5/24/15It's time for the HJC2015 Finals!
5/23/15Match schedule in Hakaniemi is late due to a fire alarm
5/16/15Check out tournament photos!
5/15/15Helsinki Junior Challenge 2015 starts on Saturday!
5/4/15Schedules for both weekends has been published!
4/8/15We have continued the registration time!
2/19/15Älta IF signs up two teams for boys D01 category
2/5/15The Pre-registration to tournament has ended
1/27/15Pre-registration is still open for 5 days - 50 teams already registered
10/28/14Pre-registration in January - Win a prize worth 500 euros!
5/25/14Junior Challenge Fair Play prizes
5/25/14VIDEO: Helsinki Junior Challenge, DAY 4
5/24/14VIDEO: Helsinki Junior Challenge, DAY 3, Part 2
5/24/14VIDEO: Helsinki Junior Challenge, DAY 3
5/24/14PICTURES: Helsinki Junior Challenge, DAY 3
5/18/14VIDEO: Helsinki Junior Challenge, DAY 2
5/17/14PICTURES: Helsinki Junior Challenge, DAY 1
5/17/14VIDEO: Helsinki Junior Challenge - DAY 1
4/28/14Tournament schedule for 24.-25.5. is now ready
4/25/14Tournament schedule for 17.-18.5. is now ready
3/7/14The pre-registration to tournament has ended.
1/29/14Pre-registration in February - win a prize worth 500 euros!
1/15/14Registration open - first teams already registered
5/27/13New tournament photos
5/26/13Helsinki Junior Challenge Fair Play prizes
5/14/13Tournament Schedule is now ready
5/6/13Totally 195 teams will participate to Helsinki Junior Challenge
4/17/13Strömsbro IF participate in B -boys category
4/15/13Largest girls team in Sweden participate in HJC
4/9/13Lopen Floorball Team participate in B -girls category
4/4/13Tikkurilan Tiikerit joins with two teams in E02 boys category
4/4/13IK Frej boys -99 from Sweden participate in HJC
3/28/13Steelers Stones C97 boys are in for a win
3/28/13Tapanilan Erä Lions join F04 -boys challenge category with two teams
3/27/13OFBC joins with one team in boys- 00 challenge category
3/27/13Laukaan Kings look for a good season finale in boys C- 97
3/27/13IK Frej P99 from Sweden enters to Boys D99 Elite-series
3/26/13Team Cobra from Russia is coming to the tournament with two teams
3/4/13Loimaan Leisku joins first big tournament in F03 boys
3/4/13SPV challenges in B- & 97- Boys category
3/4/13Tumba GOIF's boys C98 participate in Junior Challenge
3/4/13Salems IF challenges in boys C97 category
3/4/13Sköndals IK first Swedish girls team to participate
3/4/13SB-Pro joins Junior Challenge with girl's F03 team
3/4/13Ingarö IF signs up two teams for Boys E01 Elite category