Thank you! Will we see you again?



Thanks to every team!

Helsinki Junior Challenge 2019 is now over. Thanks to all 248 teams, you were amazing!

We hope to see you again in fall’s Tupla Cup (21.-22.9.2019), winter’s Helsinki Floorball Cup (3.-6.1.2020) or next years Helsinki Junior Challenge which will be played on 16.-17.5.2020 (Boys & Girls 08-12) and 23.-24.5.2020 (Boys & Girls 99-07)!

9/14/22Pre-registration for 2023 tournament is open!
5/25/22Fair Play -prizes have been drawn - here are the winners
5/25/22Congrats to all the winners - here are the champions of HJC 2022
2/18/22Winner has been drawn from the pre-registration lottery
2/3/20Pre-registration has ended and we have the lottery winner!
10/8/19Pre-registration is open!
5/28/19Thank you! Will we see you again?
5/27/19Helsinki Junior Challenge 2019 highlights
5/27/19Champions of the second weekend!
5/27/19Fat Pipe Fair Play prize winners

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