Register your team before 31.12.2022 to get these awesome perks!

Sign up and book Attendee passes B+ or C+ and your tournament fee is 0€!
Sign up and book Attendee passes B or C and get tournament fee for half the price (90€ or 105€)!

If you choose to take C+ Attendee passes you'll also receive the following bonus package:
Bowling package (5 lanes for 1 h + bowling shoes) for free on Thursday (between 9:00-16:00)

Medals and trophies

  • The winner of each A-final will be awarded with gold medals, trophy and product prizes
  • The team who finishes second will be awarded with silver medals
  • The team who finishes third will be awarded with bronze medals or the teams who are defeted in A-semifinal will be awarded with bronze medals

Team prizes

  • Winner of each category (A-final) will get a free tournament fee for the next Helsinki Junior Challenge (does not include individual fees).

Player prizes

  • In A-finals, the best player from both teams will be awarded.
  • The Fair Play -players of both teams will be awarded in every match:

Fair Play players

A Fair Play player is chosen after each game from both teams in Helsinki Junior Challenge 2023. These players work as examples for their teams both on and off the court, creating a good positive atmosphere. There is a lottery for amazing product prizes among all Fair Players. To partake the player needs to fill in the information needed on the Fair Play card and return it to the lottery box in the tournament info. The results of the lottery will be published after the tournament and the winners will be informed personally.

The coaches and managers choose their teams Fair Play player after each game

The coaches can claim the Fair Play card from the officials table before or after the start of the game. After the game the coach can announce their Fair Play player of the game.

Lottery Prizes will be announced closer to the event!