Fat Pipe Fair Play prize winners



Check out the winners!

Every player who filled and left their Fat Pipe Fair Play card to the tournament office participated into a lottery!  


Fat Pipe product set (stick free of choice, shorts, shirt, sweatband & cap):

Titus Uutela / Forssan Suupparit / Boys E07 Lower Challenge

Dexal product set:

Aada Hamari / Haukiputaan Heitto / Girls C (04-05) Challenge

Lenni Saukkola / ErVi Itä Musta / Boys E08 Upper Challenge

Felicia Silvernäs / Vendelsö IK / Girls C (04-05) Challenge

AC Store 15 € gift card:

Kosti Keto / KorsKa P04 / Boys C04 Challenge

Mathilda Sundberg / PSS / Girls E (08-09)

Jami Esko / OLS stars / Boys E08 Lower Challenge

Santeri Auno / Tikkurilan Tiikerit valkoinen / Boys F10 Elite

Sofia Iltanen / Light Iron Diamond Hearts / Girls E (08-09)

Justus Luostarinen / Pyhtään Yritys / Boys E08 Elite

Alex Andersson / M-Team 09 / Boys E08 Upper Challenge

Miiko Rajajärvi / IBK Sählinki / Boys B (01-02) Challenge 2

Mikael Björkqvist / Pyhtään Yritys / Boys E08 Upper Challenge

Jere Jokilehto / Light Iron violetti / Boys E08 Elite


Congratulations! We will contact the winners through teams’ contact persons by email.

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5/27/19Fat Pipe Fair Play prize winners

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