We offer accommodation for tournament teams in two great hotels - Sokos Hotel Presidentti and Sokos Hotel Flamingo. Accommodation in hotels is primarily organised in triple rooms, if single or double rooms are needed, then extra fee is added to the order.

Extra fees:
Single room: 40 € /room/night
Double room: 20 € /room/night

We have limited amount of accommodation rooms and we´ll deliver rooms to the teams in order of registration.

Read more about the prices.


Sokos Hotel Presidentti

Wonderfully revamped Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti showcases Finnish phenomena in an innovative way. In the hotel rooms, designed by Paola Suhonen from Ivana Helsinki, you can immerse yourself in Finnish Sisu, Midsummer, a Fairytale Forest, the Tranquility or a Winter storm right in the heart of Helsinki. Hotel is located next to the Kamppi Shopping Centre, close to the Parliament House.
Sokos Hotel Presidentti
Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 4
00100, Helsinki
Sokos Hotel Presidentti

Sokos Hotel Flamingo

Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo is situated within the vicinity of the Flamingo Entertainment Centre and Jumbo Shopping Centre near the airport. The hotel brings a relaxing break to the business traveller's workday as well as action and entertainment to leisure time. This is guaranteed by the versatile selection brought to you by the Flamingo Entertainment Centre and water park, including its care and well-being sections, wellness services, cinemas and comprehensive world of restaurants. The hotel boasts a relaxed restaurant, Amarillo – known for its tasty food – as well as Bankett Flamingo, a restaurant available on a reservation basis.

Sokos Hotel Flamingo
Tasetie 8
01510, Vantaa
Sokos Hotel Flamingo