Accommodations are going fast!



Pre-registration ends in a few days!

Many teams from outside Helsinki area and from Sweden have booked hotel accommodation already and we have almost sold out Sokos Hotel Presidentti. Last rooms are about to be shared to the teams.

If your team hasn't booked accommodation yet, no worries! Our other hotels Radisson Blu Seaside and Sokos Hotel Flamingo will provide great rest for your team.

Pre-registration ends on 31.1. and every pre-registered team will enjoy a free bowling. Also they will take part to a lottery of a prize worth over 500€!

Check out the participating teams and register your team from these links:

>> 18.-19.5.2019 (Boys 07-11 & Girls 08-11)
>> 25.-26.5.2019 (Boys 98-06 & Girls 99-07)

5/28/19Thank you! Will we see you again?
5/27/19Helsinki Junior Challenge 2019 highlights
5/27/19Champions of the second weekend!
5/27/19Fat Pipe Fair Play prize winners
5/20/19Champions of the first weekend!
5/17/19First weekend of Helsinki Junior Challenge 2019 starts tomorrow!
5/16/19Tournament photos and videos will be posted to social media
5/15/19Fat Pipe Fair Play -players and prizes!
5/13/19Team story: Smedjebackens IBK - "Our main goal is to have a super fun end to the season!"
5/9/19Match schedule for second weekend is ready!

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