Team story: Kalastajat - "We had an idea of going to win something else than Fortnite-matches"



Third team story comes from Turku!

Your team's name:

Tournament category:
Boys C03 Challenge 

Tell us a bit about your players and officials:
Our team consists different players from Turku region. Every one of our players is playing or has played national championships in some age group. Our coaching team is formed from the best coaches in Turku area and they have experience from coaching in different categories.

Do you have any social media channels to follow?
At least not yet. 

How did you succeed in this season 2018-19?
Our players have played well and some of the players are battling for winning the national championships in Boys C04 and some players are trying to get to the playoffs in C03 national championships. 

What are your aims and main goals for end of the season?
Of course we are trying to win this tournament. Also, our players have goals to win trophies from C03 1. division and C03 & C04 national championships. We will go forward with good feelings and next year we’ll maybe try to go to some tournament outside of Finland. 

Why did you choose to participate in Helsinki Junior Challenge 2019?
We had an idea of going to win something else than Fortnite-matches and that’s where we thought about going to Helsinki Junior Challenge. Tournament seems nice and it’s not so competitive. Timing of the tournament is also nice since it’s outside of the season.

What kind of greetings would you like to send to other participating teams?
We would like to say that don’t underestimate us even though our name is Kalastajat (Fishermen in English). We hope for tight and fair battles:)  

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